A Guide to Zero Waste Travels

You are zero waste and love to travel? Know that there are many ways for you to bring your good habits along with you and we have listed some of those below so that you can travel waste-free over the summer!

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Start with the basics 

Globally, a third of the food that is produced is not consumed and ends up in the garbage. Add to that the many plates, ustensils, plastic cups and straws that are thrown in the garbage, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the way we consume. When traveling, you will probably be on the road a lot and will not always have access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals! Here are some of the things you can bring with you to reduce food waste: 




A fabric bag will be very helpful while you travel, just as it is when you are staying at home in your city. They are great for when you are taking a pastry or a sandwich on the go, but mostly for grocery. They are practical, easy to store and let’s just say it, they are often pretty cute and fashionable. 




Jars can be great, as we already know, for any favorite drinks of yours! You can enjoy hot coffee, cold coffee, smoothies without creating any waste. 



You can always bring with you a small set of utensil, just to make sure you don't have to use plastic spoons and forks over and over again. Utensils are pretty lightweight, easy to store and they will, of course, be practical for any on the go meal that you bring with you. 





Zero Waste Hair Care and Skincare 


BKIND offers a variety of package-free and in bulk products that will enable you to travel while keeping the same daily routine with your favorite products!


Our Konjac Sponges 100% biodegradable, zero waste, so convenient to use as well as being easy to store. You simply need to run hot water over one of our Konjac sponges gently massage on the face while doing circular motion, wring and let dry. Voilà: Clean skin, no waste! If you want to learn more about how the Konjac Sponges work as well as which one of our 3 options would be the best for your skin type, we have a whole article about it here to help you! 


zero waste travel accessories montreal


New Product - Bamboo Hair Care Case!

With our shampoo and conditioner bars already available in bulk we thought about adding a new item to our bamboo accessory collection: a Hair Care Case! Not only can this protect your hair care bars, but it also allows you to safely carry it with you! One bamboo box can fit both our shampoo and our conditioner so there is no reason not to bring your good habits everywhere you go!

You can shop this here! 


One last tip

If you plan on going on a trip for a long period of time, you might, obviously, run out of some of your products! Don’t forget that there is probably a lot of bulk store in the city you are traveling! The « Zero waste Home » app can help you to find some of those addresses. You simply have to enter the name of the city you’re currently traveling in and they will give you a list of stores near you!


There are a lot of ways to keep your good zero waste habits while you are traveling! Remember to not make yourself go crazy with it, and do the best you can! 

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