The biodegradable bamboo toothbrush: how we can avoid to throw 4,7 billion toothbrushes to waste!

Change the way you Consume

Our environment is moving towards a breaking point. As individuals, our power relies mostly on in the way we consume, as we can certainly shift the market demand. If you are trying to reduce the waste that you produce on a daily basis, you can start by taking a look in your bathroom. There is a huge amount of hygiene product that requires a ton of plastic and packaging. Since most of those products are not reusable and always require to be renewed, hygiene products are a huge part of our waste: 40% of our entire plastic use is due to packaging, and, naturally, a lot of this packaging is used for hygiene products. Industries are truly moving a step forward and trying to be more mindful of the environment which allows consumers to benefit from more and more plastic free options, a very positive shift in the way we consume. From shampoo bars to reusable period pads, numerous in bulk products and the list goes on! We might not always intuitively think of a toothbrush as a « waste » since it is reusable for several months. Still, alternatives to plastic toothbrush are rising.


What’s the big issue with Plastic Toothbrushes?

Every year, there are more than 4,7 billion toothbrushes that go to waste. Those toothbrushes are usually made from numerous types of plastic which means that they can’t be recycled and they take hundreds and hundreds of years to decompose. According to website, something that we often not think about is the great amount of hidden waste related to its fabrication. In fact, 1 toothbrush equals 1,5 kg of additional waste. Therefore, although a toothbrush is not an item that we are constantly throwing away, it is extremely damaging to the environment. 



Bamboo Toothbrush 

The best alternative available right now are bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo is naturally durable, antibacterial, light, resistant and hygienic which makes for a quality proved product! Bkind’s bamboo toothbrushes’ bristles are infused with 100% natural activated charcoal, which adds antiviral and antibacterial properties: they deodorize your mouth and are known to absorb chemicals found in tap water. The bristles are designed with Dupont technology, made of 67% renewable raw materials which makes them even more ecological.  When you need to replace your toothbrush, simply cut off the bristles and place the handle in the compost!



Let’s talk about bamboo: Slow down Deforestation

Bamboo is currently rising in popularity, mostly because of the global increasing environmental crisis awareness. As brands are looking for more sustainable resources, they find out about bamboo pretty quickly. Why is bamboo known as one of the most sustainable resources? According to the national geographic, bamboo has the ability to grow in various climates and can, not only grow in poor soil, as it needs few nutrients, but also has the power to make those soils richer and help other plants to grow, revive and gain vitality. Bamboo is also extremely fast growing. Growing about a 1000 times faster than hardwoods, one of our primary resources. Another truly interesting aspect about bamboo is that it is extremely versatile. It can be used to create a variety of essentials such as the clothes you wear, the sheets you sleep in or even the house you live in. To put it simply, bamboo is at the heart of a social movement to live in full consciousness and respect of our environment. One of the biggest concern that we have is deforestation and this could potentially slow it down dramatically. So let’s consume it consciously. 


Our Bamboo Toothbrushes are available here!


Author: Valérie Demers


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