Natural Deodorant: Does It Work?


The aluminium found in antiperspirants is truly effective to reduce odors and sweat as it blocks sweat ducts and let’s you spend your day without worrying about any odors! However, this can lead to irritation and can make you produce more sweat in the future as your pores are continuously blocked. Some people even argue that antiperspirant might cause cancer. 

Can Aluminium Cause Cancer?

It is feared that aluminum, blocking the sweat ducts, prevents the body from getting rid of potentially cancerous substances that are absorbed when applying antiperspirant. Moreover, several breast cancers have developed in the part closest to the armpit, so some scientificits noticed a correlation with the use of an antiperspirant, although it is still completely impossible to establish a cause and effect relationship.



Why Change To Aluminum-Free Deodorant?

Neutralize your sweat in a more natural way  


By using a natural deodorant, you are being less harsh to your skin which is always a good change to make. You are taking care of your skin and encouraging the use of natural ingredients that are naturally helpful for neutralizing odors, without being toxic 

Maybe you don't need Antiperspirants

Maybe you don't sweat as much as you think! If you are used to an antiperspirant, you might think that the only reason why you don't sweat is because of this. But, a lot of time, we don't sweat that much during a normal day. So, you might be using something you didn't even need to begin with!

It's just as efficiant! 

Our natural deodorant is just as efficiant as any other deodorant,  without any toxic ingredients! The arrow root powder comes from a plant; the Maranta arundinacea. It is known for its capacity to absorb humidity and protect the skin from sweating.

  1. Shake before using!
  2. Drop a small amount (the size of a dime) of the product on your finger
  3. Apply the deodorant directly on a clean armpit and rub until the product is absorbed!
  4. Don't forget to come back at our boutique to refill your bottle when it is empty! 

Shop our natural deodorants here 


Author: Valérie Demers

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