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Looking for a thoughtful, special gift that is not too expensive? Bkind has what you need! Here are our top picks for cruelty-free unique gifts that are 30$ and under  



Face scrubs 24,95


Suitable for sensitive skin, comes in cute packaging, leaves your skin soft and purified and available for 3 different skin type! Our face scrubs are made to gently exfoliate while hydrating and nourishing the skin. The perfect gift for your skincare addict friend!



Linen Water 21.95$


Is your friend or family member a home buddy? You’ve found just the perfect present for them! Our linen water are designed and made in Montreal with essential oils to fit every mood and personality. Simply spray our linen water on your fabrics or directly in your room and enjoy the beautiful scents!


Our linen water are available in 3 scents: Grapefruit, bergamot & orange, Lavender & geranium as well as Ho wood & cypress.


Duo Top & Base Coat Nail Polish 25.95$ 


Non-Toxic, vegan and long lasting manicure? It’s possible! The base coat will work as a nail hardener and will protect the manucure from chipping while the top coat guarantees a long-lasting luminous finish (which is perfect for the holiday season!) 



Floral Mist 25.95$ 

Made from organic rose water from Quebec, our facial mist will refresh, tone and soothe the skin which is just perfect for winter time! Why we love it so much? It has amazing ingredients mixed with the rose water base such as witch hazel water, aloe vera and geranium which are key to a clean and glowing complexion! 



Water-Free Body Lotion 28,95


Winter knows no dry skin for anyone using our body lotion! Water-free, this light and nourishing lotion is made with hamamelis flower water, shea butter and apricot oil, ensuring deep hydration while leaving a non-greasy silky finish.


Available in two scents: Plumeria flower and Eucalyptus, bergamot & mandarin



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