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Want to treat your friends and family during Christmas time? Everyone deserves to be taken care of and that’s why we've made a list of products for those of you who want to splurge all they want for their loved ones, while minimizing the impact of their consumption 




Hand Balm Kit - 34,95$


For the indecisives among us, we offer this adorable gift box that contains each one of our hand balm, in a smaller format! Made from a mix of deeply nourishing ingredients, our hand balms moisturize, soothe, repair and promote tissue healing. This natural and efficient formula keeps hands hydrated and soft. 


Scents included in our hand balm kit: Floral, citrus, herbal and tropical 




Floral Duo 34,95$


Perfect for any skin type, our floral duo is everything anyone needs for a clear and glowing complexion! The mask will reduce redness, even out the complexion and repair the damage and leave your skin incredibly soft and glowing while our rose water facial mist will refreshes and tone the skin! A great gift for anyone with sensitive skin.




Facial Roller 29,95 to 44,95$

 If you know someone who loves to pamper theirselves, you have found just the right gift for them: Facial Rollers! Facial Rollers are a skincare tool used to stimulate blood circulation, firm the skin and reduce puffiness which makes it amazing for anyone who needs a little « lift » in the morning, just like coffee for your face 

Our Facial roller are available in white jade, green jade and quartz!




Hibiscus Whipped Butter For Face - 44,95$


Our Hibiscus whipped butter is a water-free formula made with only active ingredients that will truly work to nourish and hydrate the skin while improving the evenness of your natural skin tone. One key ingredient is mango seed butter: deeply nourishing and non-comedogenic which means that it will let your skin pores breathe and prevent blemishes. 



Hydrating Bath Mix - 34,95$


Who doesn’t enjoy a warm relaxing bath during winter time? We know we do! Our bath mix contain oatmeal and coconut milk powder that will provide a smooth, milky texture to your bath and give your skin that extra boost of hydration we all need! If you have that « home buddy » type of friend, you will without a doubt make them happy on Christmas Day!


Available in two scents: Floral and Herbal



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