How To Prep Your Skin For Winter

Cold season is already here and we can all feel our energy level going down, our skin drying and our lips cracking. While we sadly can not make the sunlight shine longer each day, there are certainly things we can do to make winter time a little easier on our skin so we’ve put together a little guide for you to prep your skin for the cold season!





Above all, you need to watch out for what you put inside of your body. Of course, the holiday season encourages us to indulge into yummy food, but things such as simple sugar can actually stimulate breakouts and, while your skin will be in need of a little help to stay balanced, it’s always better to gravitate towards healthier food and lots of water during the winter. Of course, while still enjoying those fatty food when you really need it! 


Fight The Drying Heating


Once we’ve braved the cold air and we get inside, we think our skin might finally have a rest, but it really doesn’t. Heaters take away the humidity from the air and this will actually suck the moisture out of your skin (which already produces less oil during the winter). 

To give your skin its best chance during the cold season, try to invest in a humidifier to counteract the dry air. This way, your face will get a little more moisture and your skin will stay hydrated. 





Use Sunscreen


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s not forget to protect our skin from harmful UV light. We hear this all the time, sun rays don’t magically stop being harmful during the cold weather and it is essential to protect our cells from them. During the winter, we face the dryness of cold winds and UV light just adds up and really creates all the worst condition for dry skin. To protect your skin, make sure you are using a facial sunscreen everyday. Plus, while you are at it, we recommend using a mineral sunscreen that is reef safe so that you are not letting your skin absorb any toxic ingredients while keeping our water as healthy as possible. 





Cleansers can be so extremely drying. Have you ever felt your skin tightening after you’ve cleaned it? That is simply because of how bad soap can be for your face. It messes up your natural level of oil (which acts as a protective barrier for your skin) as well as your pH level. This makes winter the perfect season for adopting a Konjac sponge! They are made from the root of a plant that has cleaning properties that won’t disturb your skin.

With traditional cleansers, you need to use a lot of water and, this might sound counter-intuitive, but water is not always hydrating! When it evaporates, it removes your natural sebum barrier meant to preserve your skin’s natural hydration level. The Konjac sponge, absorbing just the right amount of water it needs to be used, doesn’t dry out the skin! 



Keep Your Face Glowy and healthy


In the winter, you definitely want to brush away any dead cells that has accumulated on your face, without irritating it. Winter makes scrubbing super important, but you definitely want to stay gentle with your skin and use a formula that is soft and moisturizing. Formulated with hemp seed oil and shea butter, Our face scrubs are designed to gently get rid of dead cells while giving your skin a boost of nutriment and hydratation which will be of great help. We offer 3 different scrubs so that every skin type is taken care of ♡ 

Sensitive/Dry skin

Oily Skin

Dull skin 





The Key To Hydrated Skin


Of course, winter is the season where you have to put that extra bit of effort and moisturize everyday, morning and night. To ensure you are giving your skin the maximum of hydratation, moisturize immediately after washing your face with warm water (not hot water as it will strip more oil off of your face). 

We have been working on our recipe for a face moisturizer for over a year, here it is finally: 





We can’t forget about lips. At this point in the winter, we have already experienced it: lips are drying and cracking. Apart from drinking lots of water and exfoliating your lips to rub the dead cells away, using a lip balm will immensly help to keep your lips as soft as they naturally are.  Our vegan lip balms create a protective barrier against future cracking and keep lips soft during the whole winter season! 




Your body definitely deserves a lot of attention as well. Scrubbing, moisturizing, eating clean food and drinking water will help you to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, just as it does for your face. 

 Stay tuned - new body lotions will be launched this fall!




A Good Time For Self-Care


While you don't want to submerge yourself for hours in hot water as it strips oil off your body, a long warm bath is extremely soothing for the soul during the cold and dark winter time. If you take a bath, might as well make it a hydrating bath. We have designed our bath mix to be super moisturizing. Formulated with oatmeal and coconut milk powder, it will provide a smooth, milky texture to your bath and give your skin that extra boost of hydration we all need!  

Available in two scents: Floral and Herbal


If you wear makeup 


Your makeup won’t apply or last the same way during the cold season. While this can be somewhat beneficial for people with oily skin, it is definitely not everybody’s case. If you want to prevent your make up from cracking or drying out your skin, there are a couple of steps you can take. 

  1. Moisturize well before applying anything to your face, or use a hydrating vitamin enriched make up base.
  2. If you wear foundation, use a tinted moisturizer instead or add a drop of oil to your current foundation
  3. Keep your under eyes hydrated if you wear concealer or add a drop of oil to your current one. (keep in mind it will take away a little bit of the coverage)
  4.  Most importantly, remove you make up thoroughly. Coconut oil work well to get rid of make up and will give a dose of hydration in the meantime.


Stay hydrated and be kind to yourself and others during this cold and dark season 

 Author: Valérie Demers

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