Is Turmeric Good for your Skin?

Turmeric: Why is it good for you? 

We usually know turmeric for being this bright and pretty colored delicious spice, but did you know that it is also known to be one of the most efficient, natural, anti-inflammatory? Beneficial for both the immune and digestive system as well as for the skin, turmeric has the power to take care of many of your skin concerns: it has the ability to fight acne, as it is a natural antiseptic. It has the power to protect the skin against sun damage and aging as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks!




Many skin issues are rooted in inflammation: redness, puffiness and scaring will greatly benefit from a weekly dose of turmeric. Being a truly powerful anti-inflammatory tool, it greatly helps to keep the skin healthy and clean.  working to reduce it, can help to get rid of most skin problems!

As a natural antiseptic, turmeric helps to keep the bacterias from spreading so your skin can stay clear and healthy. Acne prone skin: turmeric is definitely your secret ally!




Turmeric Face Scrub

We have added turmeric to our new face scrub collection and it's a blessing for the skin! 

Our turmeric face scrub is fully packed with benefits for your skin, exfoliating your face while hydrating your skin and giving it an extra glow. If you find that your skin gets dull from time to time, our turmeric face scrub will be ideal for you: it recovers your face’s natural radiance. No orangy stain left on your face, just a healthy glow! 



Bkind has face scrubs for every skin type! 

Charcoal and cranberries are two of our favorites ingredients when it comes to skincare and now we've added them to our Facial Scrub collection! 

Our cranberry and hibiscus facial scrub has been designed so that your face can be gently exfoliated while receiving a healthy dose of moisture. Cranberry, a fruit filled with antioxidants, has powerful anti-aging properties, in addition to clarifying the complexion and purifying the skin. Ideal for sensitive and dry skin: this scrub will leave your skin soft, radiant and hydrated.

Here is the best option for oily and problems skin: our activated charcoal scrub. It cleans the pores thoroughly, purifies and fights imperfections. Charcoal acts like a magnet on the skin to remove all the impurities and unclog skin pores!

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Author: Valérie Demers

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