The Reason Why You Should Use Mineral Sunscreen This Summer

As we know, sunscreen’s purpose is to protect your skin from UVA AND UVN sun rays and, ultimately, prevents skin cancers. But when those sunscreens contain a whole lot of nanoparticles which could potentially be toxic, it makes you wonder if those sunscreens are truly safe to use every day, as recommended.


Synthetic Sunscreen is also damaging to marine life, as it contains certain chemicals that are very harmful to corals and other marine life. Wearing sunscreen every day is the best gift you can give to your skin, to protect it from harmful UVA and prevent aging, on rainy or sunny days! The debate that there is to have is not about if you should wear sunscreen or not, but which one should you prioritize?  


Comparing Mineral Sunscreen and Synthetic Sunscreen


Mineral sunscreen will usually contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They work by absorbing into the first layers of skin and scattering harmful sun rays. To put it in a simpler way, they will act as a mirror to create a barrier between the skin and UV rays. Mineral sunscreen is great for children or for anyone who has sensitive skin as it is very unlikely to irritate the epidermis! If you have acne or eczema prone skin, mineral sunscreen will definitely work best for you. 


On the other hand, synthetic sunscreens will work, just as mineral sunscreens, to scatter harmful sun rays, but they will also keep the UV rays from harming the skin by transforming it into heat which basically keeps UV rays from being harmful. The practical aspect of synthetic sunscreen is that, as the skin absorbs the product, you will be left with no white residue on the skin. Although as mineral sunscreen are getting better and better, the white film is almost invisible.


To put it simply:

Mineral sunscreens protect your skin by physically blocking UV light whereas synthetic sunscreens will work to absorb the UV light and « deactivate » the harmful rays by the chemical reaction that it results in.

 Mineral sunscreen montreal


A little bit about Nanoparticles and chemicals found in sunscreen 

The biggest concern about nanoparticles is that no one can say for certain that they do not affect health nor can they say the opposite; that it does affect it. In that regard, most people will choose to keep using it or use less sunscreen, which is essentially one of the most damaging decisions you could make for your skin. 


Oxybenzone, a sunscreen chemical which is present in most synthetic sunscreen, has been found in 96% of the population in a recent study ran by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. That is alarming since oxybenzone is very disruptive to the endocrine system and can reduce sperm count in men as well as contributing to endometriosis in women.





Mineral sunscreen is Crucial to the Protection of reefs

Mineral sunscreens are a 100% non-toxic sun protection option! Plus, they are reefs safe! This means that, as you go in the water, your sunscreen won't have any type of negative impact on marine ecology. 


Little known facrt, a 2016 study ran by a team of international scientists proved that a common chemical found in most sunscreen lotions is highly toxic to corals and marine life.


This chemical called Oxybenzone (which was also found to be present 96% of the population) is found to be causing  « bleaching, DNA damage, abnormal skeleton growth and deformities of baby coral ». In other words, if you are traveling, planning to swim and are concern by the ocean and marine life health, a non-toxic sunscreen is the way to go as the study conclude that it is critical to find an alternative to BP-3 in order to protect reefs. 


So, which sunscreen is best to use? 

In the end, the choice is yours. But having so many non-toxic and reefs safe sunscreen available on the market, the decision seems to be more and more easy to make. 

Our mineral sunscreen is made with Zinc oxide and Dioxyde Titanium which, as mentioned before, these minerals act as a mirror and create a barrier to protect your skin. For this reason, the light white finish that our sunscreen leaves on the skin is totally normal!




Bkind’s Mineral Sunscreen

Our 100% mineral sunscreen is non-toxic, 100% vegan and not perfumed. It offers effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, without any danger for you or the environment.

Our sunscreen has an SPF30: This factor is perfect for almost every type of skin and offers very good protection: it blocks about 97% of sun rays (comparatively to an SPF60 that blocks about 98% of sun rays)

This product, just like any other BKIND products, is designed and made here in Montreal. It is made with respect for the planet and without any type of animal cruelty. 


Our mineral sunscreen is part of our growing selection of in bulk products available at our Workshop boutique. When the option arises, choose to be kind to your skin and the environment!

Shop it here! :)

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