4 New Year's Resolutions That Are Good For You And For Everything Around You

This past year has been a year of changes where we have noticed a lot of improvement regarding the environment. From a much wider variety of vegan options (which have seen an augmentation of 800% in Quebec according to the guardian) to renewable energy reaching a competitive cost to fossil fuels, we can without a doubt say that we are taking steps to take better care of our planet.  2019 has definitely been a year that encourages us to continue taking our individual power to create global changes. 


Tough we shouldn’t necessarily wait for the beginning of the year to make positive changes, it is certainly a good place to start as new beginnings always brings us some extra motivation and the impression of a new start. Here are some easy-to-follow, practical ways to take positive steps on a daily basis. 




 Start With Yourself

Be good for everyone and     everything surronding you by     being good for yourself. Cut out anything or anyone that is toxic or that brings negativity to you. Respect your limits and be kind to yourself, as this will make it easier for you to see that peole, animals and nature deserve to be respected and to receive kindness. Every humain being has limits that should be respected and the society is starting to realize that it is exactly the same for nature. It is not this unlimited source of food, water and fresh air. We need to take care of the Earth, respect it and be kind to it, just as we do with anything else. 



Consider Slow Fashion


Slow fashion is part of the slow living movement which goes against over consumption and fast fashion that goes in and out of style rapidly. Slow fashion is about buying clothes of good quality that use sustainable ressources and rarely goes out of style, so it is sustainable for you as well as it for the planet. 

Slow fashion is purposeful and holistic: it considers every part of the making of your clothes such as human labor, the choice of the fabrics as well as where it comes from. This is a form of conscious consuming that will allow to gain a little more control over your impact on everything around you, including people. As you get into slow fashion, you can start by looking for fashion transparency, for brands that will fully explain their policies, work ethics, and environmental impact. Another easy tip is to look for sustainable fabrics, that take less energy to create. Some of those fabrics include linen, hemp and tencel.


1.7 Billion
 Tonnes of CO2 annually is emitted by the Clothes and Textiles industry


 Of all microplastics in the ocean come from Clothes and Textiles


2750 Litres Of Water
To make one t-shirt





Review Your Skincare Routine


The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest, fastest growing businesses. Skincare, being an aspect of people’s life where they always need to purchase and repurchase products, becomes, as a consequence, one of the most polluting industry in the world. While manufacturing needs to be efficient and low-cost, plastic leads the place. It is an economical and secured way to package products, such as beauty and skincare item, and this is why 40% of our total plastic usage is due to packaging. With a low percentage of 30% of plastic being correctly recycled, and a higher percentage of it ending up in the ocean, plastic is responsible for the death of 100 000 marine mammals as well as more than a million seabird per year.

There are obviously multiple ways for us to reduce our use of plastic, but it is imperative to buy skincare and beauty product from companies who cares. Turn to clean products, products which come is reusable or that comes from recycled bottles and try staying away from anythings that is over packaged as this will be a great start to reducing your plastic consumption. By using products that are made with biodegradable ingredients, you are also reducing your impact on the ocean, because, dont forget, everything your drain down the sink goes back to in our water. 


Have conversations and Act on Them 


Having conversations is the best way to expand knowledge, share ideas and open other people horizons to new alternatives. Environment is often a sensitive subject for many people.

Asking someone to change their ways of living and habits is never easy as it is a part of their identity. But having an open conversation, acknowledging and validating everyone’s point of you will always bring more progress than being closed minded about an opinion you consider to be wrong. In 2020, learn to stand your ground, speak your truth and learn the power of sharing your ideas with respect.

Beyond having a conversation, be sure to act on it eventually to make everything fall into place and have a true impact on our society.


From everyone at Bkind to all of you; Happy new year! 

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