Water free skincare: A new way to keep your skin hydrated!

The list of ingredients behind a skincare bottle can be dreadful to look at and filled with ingredients with which no one is truly familiar. As a consumer looking for a  new product, you might just look at the front of a bottle, acknowledge what the product claims to do for your skin and move on. Which is not a bad thing to do. However, if you do turn the bottle around and have a look at the list of ingredients, you will notice that most skincare products contain water. A lot of it. As a matter or fact, it will often be the first ingredient on the list, composing, on average, 70% of the product. This means that you are essentially buying only 30% of active ingredients, meant to take care of your skin. By looking for products that are either available as a water less formula or products which use a substitute for water, you will be ultimately maximizing the benefits your skin gets and investing money in actual active ingredients. 


Improving your skin with water free products 

Skincare with less water will usually make for more potent solution because it allows the active ingredients to be fully effective on your skin as they are not diluted with a mass of water. Adding to this, water can actually be drying for the skin. it will initially hydrate it, but, a high concentration of water in a product will eventually evaporate and make your skin feel dry again. Using skincare which do not add water into their solution also means that you will need less product while getting more effectiveness from it, as the product is richer and not diluted. 

Hydrosol as a substitute for water 

Hydrosol (flower water) is essentially the steam obtained by water boiled with natural plants. This steam is fully packed with the properties from those plants and flower which makes it greatly benificial when applied on the skin. Hydrosol can be used by itself, or it may be used in the making of a product, as a substitute for water, for exemple, to optimize its efficiency.


Water-Free Hydrating body lotion

We are happy to offer our new hydrating lotion!

Our newly in hydrating lotions are a rich water free concoction made with witch hazel hydrosol, no water! This gives the lotion its light texture while providing it with additional benefits, nourishing, soothing and refreshing your skin while keeping it glowing and hydrated. Our lotions are enrich with shea butter and apricot oil, both known as being two of the best skin moisturizers. Shea butter greatly helps to improve skin's appearance and can also help to fight eczema, sunburn, allergic reactions and other skin disorder. Apricot oil, being a very moisturizing oil that has the power to penetrate quickly into your skin, will leave a healthy glow without any feeling of greasiness. This oil also works on the skin to improve flexibility, stimulate collagen production and prevent aging!

Our body lotions are available in two scents: Plumeria flowers and Eucalyptus & mandarin! 

Choose your scent here!


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