Reusable sponge cloth KLIIN x BKIND

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A practical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper towels!

KLIIN is a compact, functional, machine washable, soft, super absorbent and compostable reusable kitchen sponge cloth. Made of 100% natural fibers, 1 KLIIN replaces 17 paper towel rolls and can be washed more than 300 times. It can be composted and in just 28 days it will be broken down into fertilizer!

Ideal for soaking up liquid spills, shining windows and cleaning everything, everywhere, inside and out!

Pairs well with Multi-Surface Cleaner

Size: 9,5 x 10"

*Buy 4 or more, get 12% off


Made of 100% natural fibers

Why I am kind

Most North American homes buy and throw away hundreds of single-use paper towel rolls. KLIIN offers a practical, zero waste and eco-responsible alternative to traditional paper towels.

In addition to being made in Quebec and made from 100% natural fibers, these reusable paper towels can be composted once their life is over and they will break down into fertilizer in just 28 days.

How to use

Before using your KLIIN, run it under water and wring out excess water to optimize absorption. Wipe any non-porous surfaces. Rinse after use.

For a thorough cleaning, spray the multi-surface cleaner and wipe the surfaces with your KLIIN.

Can be washed in the dishwasher or machine up to 300 times. Dry flat (do not tumble dry).

Reusable sponge cloth KLIIN x BKIND