5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

In Canada, 545,000 tons of waste are generated each year from gift wrapping and shopping bags, and household waste can increase by more than 25% during the holiday season*. We know that the holiday period is a time of significant consumption! While it brings unforgettable moments with family, celebrations, gift exchanges, and more, it's crucial not to forget its enormous environmental impact.

This year, we wanted to highlight 5 ways to reduce our ecological footprint during the holiday season, especially regarding gift wrapping! Here are our eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for the holidays! 🎁


Fabric scraps

Whether you use fabrics you already have at home or explore thrift stores for second-hand finds, fabric gift wraps add a lot of diversity, colors, and texture under the tree, giving a second life to textiles!


Reusable gift wraps from Next Chance

Inspired by the circular economy, Next Chance offers 100% locally sourced reusable (infinitely) gift wraps made from rescued fabrics from local businesses. The wide range of bags, wraps, and bows provides several beautiful options to wrap your gifts elegantly and eco-consciously this year!

Psst! They will be at the BKIND store for the Pop-up shop on December 16th and 17th!


Recycled kraft paper

A small classic that always deserves mention is recycled and recyclable kraft paper! A timeless classic that can be customized in a thousand and one ways with accessories, stickers, ribbons, sheets, pine branches, etc. Plus, if it's not too damaged after unwrapping the gifts, it can be reused the following year without any issues!


Reusable gift boxes

Beautiful sturdy cardboard boxes in holiday colors can be an excellent eco-friendly option for gift wrapping! It's a more expensive alternative due to the cost of these types of boxes, but you can reuse them year after year, and seeing them appear under the tree each year can become a lovely tradition!


The wrapping paper you currently have

We're talking about the old rolls (or not) of wrapping paper you already have at home! Non-recyclable metallic papers are certainly not our favorite option for the holidays, but it's better to use what we have before buying something else. It's still a better option than simply getting rid of it for a more ecological wrapping! Using what we already have is environmentally friendly and good for the wallet!


We hope you'll be inspired to reduce waste from gift wrapping this year!


The entire BKIND team wishes you a beautiful holiday season! 🎄



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