Donating 2% Of our Sales To Help This Shelter Save Wildlife ♡

SOS Miss Dolittle is a shelter for wildlife located in Quebec. This organization has a very special mission: to save wild animals and to eventually open their own mobile veterinarian. Our community has drawn our attention to this one of  a kind shelter, and we are very happy to donate 2% of our sales to them in 2021.



Why we love them


SOS Miss Dolittle has 3 very important key points to their mission: rehabilitate injured wild animals in Quebec, educate the population and contribute to the development of knowledge related to wildlife.

Not only do they take action in case of emergency, but they also invest time, money and resources into education and research. These are two very important spheres to take into consideration when trying to better sustain wildlife in the long term. It is crucial that, as a society, we gain a better understanding of wildlife in Quebec and that our knowledge keeps expanding so that we can better manage and protect our environment. 

SOS Miss Dolittle received and treated more than 3600 animals since their opening in 2014. Their next goal is to be able to have their own mobile veterinarian so that injured animals in need of urgent care can safely be treated, without having to go through transportation.


Why they need us


SOS Miss Dolittle does not receive any help from the government. This shelter relies solely on donation and fundraising. Their mission is very precious and needs to get more attention as they are the only wildlife rehabilitation shelter in Quebec: SOS Miss Dolittle is the only option for injured or orphan wild animals. 


We are happy to help fund their project and to make you a part of this very important mission  ♡

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