This company is offering free household products for your spring cleaning

This company is offering free household products for your spring cleaning

The Montreal-based company BKIND has announced its "Spring Cleaning Sale," which will begin on April 26th and will allow you to obtain gentle, safe, natural, vegan household products made in Quebec at discounted prices or even for free! Here are the details!

During the weekend of April 26th, head to the BKIND store, located at 5301 Saint-Laurent boulevard, to take advantage of this exceptional offer on a selection of Kind Home products, until stocks last. The sale does not apply online.


The products featured in this sale include:

kind home collection sale

Multi-surface cleaner: Deep cleans any non-porous surfaces and its essential oils of peppermint and tea tree will leave a fresh, clean scent throughout your home.

$5 per bottle and free in bulk (regular price $12)


Liquid dish soap: Formulated to be gentle on the environment and your hands, while leaving your dishes spotless! It also contains essential oils of grapefruit and eucalyptus for a fresh, fruity scent.

$5 per bottle (not available in bulk) (regular price $18)


Linen waters (2 scents): Bring a pleasant scent to all textiles in your home. They leave no perfume effect on fabrics but allow for spacing out the washing of delicate fabrics and refreshing textiles.

Free in bottles and in bulk (regular price $22)


You have the option to bring your own clean containers (spray bottles, pumps, or others) to fill them in bulk, an eco-friendly option available at BKIND. Note that there is no quantity limit per customer. However, it's first come, first served!

Take advantage of this opportunity to get high-quality household products at low prices or even for free. Will you be visiting the BKIND store during the weekend of April 26th?

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