5 reasons why you should switch to solid shampoo bars

5 reasons why you should switch to solid shampoo bars

Let's be honest. If you can avoid using plastic for certain types of products, you should.

That’s why shampoo bars and conditioner bars are so popular right now.

So, let's get into it: here are our top 5 reasons to switch to a solid shampoo bar:

They require minimal or no packaging

That is the first and most obvious reason. Unlike bottled shampoo, a solid shampoo requires a simple little recyclable box (and is often offered package free!)

Using a shampoo bar instead of a bottled shampoo is such an easy switch to make and it makes an enormous difference for our planet.

Good to know: At BKIND, shampoo bars are sold in little cardboard boxes, which are 100% recyclable and made in Quebec. Our boxes also have the FSC mention, which means that forests have been responsibly treated. Plus, we offer the package free option in store!

Concentrated formula, full of benefits.

Solid shampoos don't always have a good reputation: maybe it’s just a matter of habit, but many people still don't believe in their effectiveness. 

However, trust me: you only have to choose the right shampoo, that respects the natural pH of your hair. I’m sure you'll be happy with the results! 

BKIND shampoo bar is filled with natural ingredients that respects the pH of the hair, meaning it cleans your hair deeply while leaving them feeling light, clean and soft. Even better: it fits ALL hair types! 


Cost less for more uses

Shampoo bars may seem more expensive at first, but they are usually cheaper than traditional shampoo for the same number of uses. 

These little bars look quite small at first, but they usually last for a long time.

Why? Because they don't contain a lot of water and they're more concentrated. You only need a small amount to clean your hair properly. 

Did you know that on average, liquid shampoo is 60% water? 

Usually, BKIND shampoo bars can last up to 60 uses! 


Perfect travel buddy

Solid hair care products are also great space savers (and will not leak in your bag.)

Plus, you can even keep them in your carry-on! ✈️

By the way: at BKIND, we also have the perfect little travel case, which fits perfectly our shampoo and conditioner bars!



When we’re travelling, we love to save space and have multipurpose items in our luggage. Shampoo bars can easily replace your body soap, and can also help to remove stain on your clothes! 


In short, we LOVE shampoo and conditioner bars for so many reasons. What is not to like about these little gems? 


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