Facial Exfoliation: The Do's and Don'ts

Facial Exfoliation: The Do's and Don'ts

Have you ever been tempted to exfoliate your skin everyday? Rubbing away all the dead skin and accumulated dirt with those exquisite smelling skincare products can be very appealing  On the other hand, you could wonder what in the world would make exfoliating your skin beneficial to you? After all, you already wash and moisturize your face everyday, so whats the purpose to use a sandlike textured product on top of that? Is it too harsh for your skin? Well, scrubbing is essential to reveal a glowing and healthy skin and to rub away the pollution and dirt from your skin. But how much is too much?




Exfoliating Everyday?


When you think about it, the benefits of exfoliating your skin is to brush away those dead cells and dry patches. But over exfoliating will actually hurt your skin and your dry flaky patches will return and get even worst as your skin will get irrated. So, over exfoliating brings nothing good. If you wish to scrub away excess oil, dirt and dead cells daily, use a gentle scrub such as a a Konjac Sponge which will provide a gentle exfoliation due to its irregular texture "Over-exfoliate and you're likely to create tiny cracks in the skin barrier that lead to more loss of hydration and inflammation," says Zeichner. "You think you're fixing the problem, but you're actually making it worse. » Over exfoliating could even leads to broken blood vessels.  
Not Scrubbing Enough, Does It Really Matter?
Not scrubbing enough will result in a build up of skin cells which will eventually cause clog pores and lead to break out and dry skin! So what you’ll need to find if you want to create a good and gentle skincare routine for your skin, is to find the sweet spot between letting your skin be as it is and over exfoliating so that your skin can keep its natural hydration barrier. Try exfoliating once or twice a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Keep an eye open for any signs that your are exfoliating too much. Signs might include redness and irritated skin. 




Is Your Skin Too Sensitive For Scrubbing?

No! Every skin type is in need of a good scrubbing once in while! All skin accumulate dead cells and pollution. Scrubbing all of those excess away is essential if your goal is to keep your skin glowing and healthy. What you can do if you have sensitive skin is to keep an eye open for scrubs that are targeted for your skin type and that will leave your face hydrated instead of irritated. Also, be on the lookout for scrubs that are made with ingredients that will be too harsh for your skin. Try avoiding any ingredients that are too aggressive and make sure your exfoliant is not too abrasive for your skin type as it could tear your skin and then cause lesions invisible to the naked eye (ex. a scrub that contains crushed nuts). So, opt for finer texture.

 Environmentally Friendly Scrubs


With each product being made, the same question arises; what ecological footprint does it have on the environment? Consuming consciously is one of our greatest power and responsibility so when it comes to an exfoliant or anything else it is always important to learn about the origin of the ingredients and the company. In the case of exfoliants, many of them can unfortunately contain micro plastic beads (used to exfoliate), which are a more economical and less environmentally friendly option that do not provide any additional benefits to the skin. Plastic micro-beads in facial scrubs were more common in the past. Companies are using them less and less today due to the fact that they have been banned in many countries because of their considerable impact on our environment. Micro-beads are tiny pieces of plastic that can be found in household cleaning products, skin care, most facial scrubs, as they can replace other types of substance used to exfoliate. These small beads are drained and go directly into our water, polluting them, inevitably. Sadly these micro beads can appear as food to marine animals and seriously harm them. So always make sure that your exfoliant do not contain these tiny balls whose impact is immense.






Every single one of our face scrubs are formulated with Shea butter as well as bamboo powder and is fully packed with other purposeful natural ingredients. At Bkind, we highly believe in the power of plants to help us taking care of our inner and outer bodies. Every product is made with consciousness of its impact on our environment and on your skin. All of our scrubs as well as all of our other products are vegan (100% cruelty-free), natural and made here, in Quebec. We know all skin type have different needs and this is why we have 2 different scrubs so you’ll find something that will suit your skin type and will not leave your skin dry!




Sensitive Skin

Our cranberry and hibiscus facial scrub has been designed so that your face can be gently exfoliated while receiving a healthy dose of moisture. Cranberry, a fruit filled with antioxidants, has powerful anti-aging properties, in addition to clarifying the complexion and purifying the skin. Ideal for sensitive and dry skin: this scrub will leave your skin soft, radiant and hydrated.


Dull Skin

Our turmeric face scrub is fully packed with benefits for your skin such as being of great help when it comes to healing scars. It will exfoliate your face while hydrating your skin and giving it an extra glow. If you find that your skin gets dull from time to time, our turmeric face scrub will be ideal for you: it recovers your face’s natural radiance. No orangy stain left on your face, just a healthy glow! 


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Author: Valérie Demers

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