An eco-friendly Spring cleaning 🌱

An eco-friendly Spring cleaning 🌱

Now that we can feel the temperatures warming up, we're starting to think about the big cleanup that awaits us! Usually cleaning doesn't excite us all that much, but there's a little je ne sais quoi to doing a full house clean and starting fresh for the new season! It comes with the renewal of Spring, we imagine!

Although there is a certain satisfaction in doing this great Spring cleaning, we cannot ignore the bad sides of this annual habit! We are talking here about all the toxic cleaning products used (poured into the water or sprayed into the air) or even everything that is thrown directly into the trash…

So here are some tips for a successful Spring cleaning with a kinder touch!

An eco-friendly purge

There is nothing more satisfying than sorting, classifying, emptying, organizing everything in the house! When we are in *that* cleaning mood, we sometimes tend to quickly get rid of certain objects, toys, clothes, etc. The easy solution? Put everything in the trash unfortunately...

Considering giving, selling, finding new uses for things you no longer use can have a big impact! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? And if an object really has no more use, find out about the most ecological way to get rid of it!

Go natural

A large majority of household products contain toxic chemical ingredients (ammonia, bleach, etc.) which can be harmful to the environment, but also dangerous for you and your family. Opting for natural household products allows you to do your Spring cleaning while being kind to the environment and safe for you!

Our Multi-Surface Cleaner is the ultimate all-purpose product! It is natural, biodegradable and it effectively cleans all non-porous surfaces (counters, furniture, windows, mirrors)! Plus, it leaves a sweet scent of peppermint and tea tree behind!

Paper towel rolls are out!

In 2023, we can agree that there are other options much more ecological than disposable paper towels! We understand that it is necessary sometimes (even more so if you have a baby or a cat around), but in general, we can get away with a good old rag, an old T-shirt cut into pieces or even our KLIIN x BKIND Reusable Sponge Cloth! These 3 options are washable and reusable, which is a lot more eco-friendly!

Ps. Our reusable sponge cloths are made in Quebec from 100% natural fiber! One reusable sponge cloth replaces around 17 paper towel rolls!

A breath of fresh air for fabrics

It is not always easy to wash certain fabrics (hello sofas and carpets)! Our solution? Linen water! Natural, vegan and made in Quebec with essential oils, our linen waters delicately perfume your home without artificial fragrances and toxic ingredients in the air! Spray it everywhere and you’ll feel good, we promise!

Discover our essentials for Spring cleaning

The products in our Kind Home range are all natural and safe! They are delicately scented with essential oils to leave your home clean and fresh! 



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