BKIND plants trees for Black Friday!

BKIND plants trees for Black Friday!

As sending emails generates a significant energy expenditure, BKIND has found a way to offset this environmental footprint: this year, trees will be planted for all emails sent during the Black Friday offers.

What is the environmental impact of our emails?

Did you know that sending emails produces a small dose of CO2? This is because every email sent must go through a data center, which consumes energy continuously. The heavier an email (with attachments, for example), the larger the carbon footprint, because it uses more energy. The fuller our inbox, the greater the demand for energy. On average, it is estimated that a standard email produces around 4g of CO2. An email with a 10 Mo attachment can produce up to 126 g CO2

"According to Berners-Lee, a typical year of inbound emails adds 136 kg to our carbon footprint, which is a journey of about 320 km in a compact car." 1

Plant trees to offset this energy expenditure

As each person in this world will receive a very high number of emails during the November offers, BKIND thought to compensate for this energy expenditure by planting trees. Planting a tree would fix around 17,237g of CO2 per year: BKIND is therefore committed to planting as many trees as necessary to cover the carbon footprint created during Black Friday.

In order to carry out this initiative, BKIND will do business with the organization One Tree Planted

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