BKIND introduces the Ocean Bound Plastic.

BKIND introduces the Ocean Bound Plastic.

As you already know, all BKIND plastic packaging is recyclable. 

Today, BKIND is, once again, engaging for the protection of the environment, by offering new packaging made from Ocean Bound Plastic. (OBP).

But what is Ocean Bound Plastic?    

It is a recycled raw material that can be used as a virgin raw material substitute. It’s a good substitute to protect our oceans and our planet. Moreover, the OBP participates to a circular economy.

It avoids the ocean’s bulk, by taking off plastic waste from risky areas, meaning areas located less than 200 km from ocean coasts and waterways that are ending in the ocean.

ocean bound plastic packaging

The Ocean Bound Plastic allows to fully reduce the number of plastic waste in our oceans. However, you must know that our packaging is not entirely made from OBP.

You will you certainly ask yourself, why?

Take the example of our new hand balm: the packaging is made with 50% of OBP and 50% of recyclable plastic. Therefore, it is not entirely made with OBP. The reason is simple, packaging made from only OBP doesn’t allow a perfect quality on the long-term. 

But, don't worry, our tubes are 100% recyclable!

Discover our hand balm collection, our body scrubs, our body lotions, our face scrubs and our lip balms in tubes made from Ocean Bound Plastic. 


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