Here's how BKIND uses plastic waste before it reaches the ocean

Here's how BKIND uses plastic waste before it reaches the ocean

Do you ever see waste on the ground, flying in the wind and slowly but surely moving towards a stream, a river, a river, an ocean...? It's no secret that a large part of our waste ends up in the water. This problem is even more common in developing countries, where you can see entire beaches covered in plastic waste.

This is a major problem in terms of water pollution, protection of marine fauna and flora and the increase in microplastics found in everything around us! Not to mention that these beaches are covered with a material that can almost always be recycled. There is a huge potential lost to help reduce the production of virgin plastic, which requires new resources and, you guessed it, water!

A new process allows us to collect this plastic waste, recycle it and give it a new life as Ocean Bound plastic ✨

At BKIND, we are very fond of package-free products or products available in bulk, but when this is not possible, we try to select the most eco-friendly packaging option! And we often come back to Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP)!

Discover our new favorite material

Ocean Bound plastic is a recycled raw material that can be used as a substitute for virgin raw material and helps to participate in a circular economy. It avoids the congestion of the oceans, by collecting plastic waste located in high-risk areas, located less than 200 km from the ocean coasts and waterways ending their way in the oceans. This waste is then cleaned and recycled to be used again, in our case, in packaging for our skincare products.

Recycled and 100% recyclable

And yes, this recycled material is 100% recyclable! However, the fact that it is produced from all sorts of plastic, one cannot usually create a packaging that is 100% made from Ocean Bound plastic. Indeed, we can only include a certain percentage of this material to ensure good quality packaging in the long term, whether it's for flexibility or durability. Our Body Lotions are made with 50% OBP and 50% PET, a recyclable plastic. They are therefore not entirely made of Ocean Bound plastic to ensure that the bottle is durable and can be refilled in bulk time and time again. But, ultimately, 100% of this packaging remains recyclable!

Our products with OBP packaging

Over the years, we have incorporated a lot of Ocean Bound plastic into our packaging. You will find it in the packaging of our Hair Masks, our Body Lotions, our Body and Face Scrubs and our Lip Balms. Our Face Serum's droppers contain OBP too. And finally, our new Travel Case is also made from Ocean Bound plastic. Discover all our selection here :)



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