BKIND carbon neutral orders

You Can Now Make Your BKIND Order Carbon Neutral!

Creating, manufacturing, selling and delivering vegan, cruelty free products help contributing to better consumption habits, but, as anything else, it does create a carbon footprint. At BKIND, we are continuously searching for new ways to reduce any harmful impact caused on the environment. In this spirit, we are very happy to announce that we are a part of EcoCart, which allows you, when you are shopping on our website, to switch your order to a carbon neutral one!


BKIND carbon neutral orders


Let’s break this down


Carbon offsets are a way to compensate for any carbon footprint that you create when you are shopping online by funding different projects that support the health of our environment by the same token. Some of those projects include renewable energy, forestry or clean water.


The true impact of online shopping on the environment is still unclear. However, e-stores sales have been doubling over the past two years, and we can only imagine what those numbers will look like after the impact of the pandemic and how it has greatly changed our habits as consumers!


Your impact with Ecocart 


When you are ready to proceed to your purchase, the necessary cost to make your order carbon neutral will be calculated in accordance to the products that you have selected, as well as their destination. This means that the cost will vary from one order to the other.

In other words, Ecocart makes it possible to estimate the carbon footprint related to home deliveries and will compensate by financially supporting environmental projects.

Your contribution will help fund the tricity forest project. This project protects a very essential and impactful spruce forest in Massachusetts that captures over 100 000 tonnes of harmful carbone dioxide each year.


How It works 


To transform your cart into a carbon neutral order, all you need to do is select the option right below your order! The option will be given to you automatically.


Thank you for helping us supporting the environment ♡


- Valerie Demers

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