The miraculous BKIND product: The Shampoo Bar

The miraculous BKIND product: The Shampoo Bar

It's been a long time that you have heard about our miraculous natural shampoo bar, designed and made here in Montreal.


A month ago, while I began my marketing internship at BKIND, I have finally adopted the shampoo and conditioner bar.

In fact, I have never had the occasion to test a shampoo bar before and I was a bit judgmental about shampoo bars in general, because of bad experiences some of my friends had in the past.

Few of them have tested a shampoo bar, often bought in grocery shops, the same words were trotted out again: “It doesn’t foam”, “It doesn’t moisturize my hair”, “It makes my hair heavy”. With these words as negative one another, I really didn’t have the desire to try this product.

Before telling you how miraculous was the BKIND shampoo bar, let me tell you a little bit about my hair type.

I have never had many capillary issues, I have long thin hair, with volume and with curly tendencies, until 4 years ago when my anxiety began. From that moment, my anxiety had many impacts on my nutrition, my energy, and also my scalp… Therefore, my scalp saw dry blotches appeared, my hair roots were oily, and my hair points were dry. A really unpleasant sensation. 

Until now, I tried many different products: neutral shampoo for my roots, good conditioner for my points, that I was buying in hairdresser shops. I was spending so much money on hair products!

And years after years, while my anxiety was decreasing, my issues decreased as well. But, my scalp was still suffering from the consequences due to years of anxiety, even though its impacts were much less important.  Despite that, I didn’t succeed to have beautiful hair daily.

Arrived at BKIND, I have heard about the miracles given by its shampoo bar, so I get one straightaway, as well as the conditioner bar! Since this day, I don’t have any issues anymore. No more oily roots, no more dry blotches on my scalp, and no more dry points! Quite the opposite, now I have shiny, soft, moisturize hair with volume! In the last month, I even receive many compliments about it, as: “Your hair looks goods”, “There are healthy”.

There you go, I have adopted the shampoo and conditioner bar from BKIND!

By the way, its formula has been improved recently for even more benefits.

Here it is, a small summary of its benefits on your hair:

Until the application, the shampoo is abundantly foaming, allowing a deep cleaning of your hair. This benefit is possible because of the Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, a coconut-derived. Moreover, the shampoo bar from BKIND calms down your scalp while moisturizing your hair, allowing shiny hair with volume! This benefit is provided by cocoa butter, Chia seeds extract, oat and panthenol.

Another thing I love about it is the small quantity that you need to have clean hair. In fact, the bar format allows interval between cleaning, therefore it avoids the superfluous quantity of shampoo. One shampoo bar allows you to do 50-60 cleanings!

Finally, you certainly ask yourself what is the difference between this shampoo bar and others? The response is: The hair PH respect. In fact, by respecting the natural balance of your hair, the BKIND shampoo bar avoids the “waxy” aspect and so the bad clean hair sensation, that some shampoo bar can provide you.

So, if we have to describe the BKIND shampoo bar in a few words, here are the ones we will retain:

 Natural – Vegan- Efficacy – Comfort – Durability – Balance.


Clémence Dumurgier, marketing intern at BKIND 

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