Winter beauty routine: 5 essentials to adopt

Winter beauty routine: 5 essentials to adopt

When cold weather arrives, we must optimize our beauty routine to protect our skin and hair from external aggressions! Here are some essentials to adopt this winter!

1. Sensitive Skin Face Scrub - Papaya enzyme

We like to exfoliate our skin all year round, but in winter it is even more important. As our skin is exposed to a lot of external aggression, exfoliating it allows it to regenerate and better absorb the care given to it. This papaya enzyme scrub gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it hydrated and radiant!

2. Superfruit Face Moisturizer

As soon as it starts to get colder outside, it is ideal to finish off your light summer cream and switch to a rich and creamy moisturizer. Formulated with grapefruit and apple fruit water and mango butter, the Superfruit Face Moisturizer deeply hydrates the skin and gives it suppleness.

3. Balsam, Pine and Cedar Hand Balm

Already prone to dehydrate more easily than the rest of the body, hands require even more hydration when temperatures drop! This hand balm, with a fresh and herbal scent, is packed with ingredients with nourishing and restorative properties. It will leave your hands soft, smooth and young looking!


4. Shampoo and conditioner bar - Monoi for dry or thin hair

If your hair tends to get drier and brittle in colder weather, you should opt for this moisturizing duo that helps protect the hair. Enriched with mango butter, the conditioner helps prevent breakage!

5. Lip Balm Peppermint

It's no secret that winter doesn't go easy on the lips! This lip balm helps repair damaged lips and prevent chapping. It hydrates durably and provides a superb shine!

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