Did you know that you can find your favorite BKIND products, in bulk, at our boutique on Saint-Laurent Street, in the heart of Montreal? We'll explain to you how the bulk option works and we'll talk about the advantages and the savings you can get from it.


How does it works?

You can bring your own containers, whether they are old empty BKIND containers, Mason jars or old jam jars (that you have rinsed beforehand of course!). No containers on hand? No problem, we have reusable ones available at the store! They come in a variety of sizes and prices to suit your needs.

Come to the store and ask one of our kind girls for help. They will fill your containers according to the desired quantity. They will weigh your containers twice, once before and once after they are filled. You will then be able to pay at the cash register and leave with your well-filled little jars. <3


Products available in bulk

Many of our favorite products are available in bulk such as:

-Kind Home products
-Face creams
-Shampoos in 55g and 80g bars (exclusive to the store)
-Conditioners in 55g bars
-Body soaps in bars (in fact, they are always in bulk)
-Algae peel-off masks
-Konjac sponges
-Body lotions 


The perks of bulk

Buying in bulk is a concrete gesture for the planet. Indeed, buying without packaging reduces waste. This eco-conscious gesture is not only beneficial for the planet, but also for you! Yes, we're telling you, buying in bulk can save you some $$$. As you have seen, the list of products offered without packaging is varied, as are the economic advantages that come with it. On average, coming to buy BKIND products in bulk results in savings ranging from 20 to 40%.


Shampoo bars

Online, a 55g bar shampoo costs $20. If you buy the package-free version at the store, you save $4, for a 20% savings! Finally, 80g bars are also available at the store for the same price. So buying eco-responsibly pays off!


Algae Peel-Off Masks

Want to try our peel-off mask before investing in the regular size? No problem! You can take a one-time use amount (15g for $3.75) to test it. Already a fan? For the same amount as the one in the original bag, you'll save $12!

Thank you for making small kind gestures, like coming to fill your jars in bulk!


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