In recent years, the popularity of shampoo bars has increased. Good for the environment, practical and efficient, if many hesitate to take the plunge, others don't hesitate to trade their old bottles for these little solid shampoos. Ecological, practical and allies of a healthy routine? That's all BKIND needed to develop its own line of shampoo bars that have become a must-have over the years!

Shampoing en barre naturel BKIND


"The best shampoo bars are at BKIND. I've tried several before and there was always something. The BKIND ones are easy to use, you don't have to rinse longer, pour another product... They lather well, clean thoroughly and leave no residue. I can continue to space out my washes, like I used to do with a liquid shampoo. Plus, the bar lasts a long time", Virginia H

We all want to find a shampoo that cleans well, leaves our hair moisturized, soft, smelling good and that respects our scalp. Why not have a product that does all this, in addition to being natural, cruelty free and zero waste?


An ally for the scalp

Shampoo bars have not always had a good reputation. Indeed, they are often criticized for not washing hair deeply enough, for weighing it down and even for not lasting long enough. However, solid shampoo is revolutionary... you just have to choose the right one!

The popularity of this type of shampoo comes mainly from the fact that it is more ecological than regular shampoos. With a solid shampoo, you avoid plastic bottles and over-packaging. Bye-bye unnecessary pollution!

Shampoo bars are also gaining in popularity, thanks to their often natural formula. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so we must take care of it. The scalp, which is sometimes sensitive to overly toxic products in shampoos, also needs love and often loves natural ingredients.

Bars are also a great way to travel, without the worry. No more leaking bottles and extra weight in your suitcase! Shampoo bars make travel easier and will never leak into the bottom of your suitcase, messing up all your pretty clothes in the process.


The BKIND shampoo

With over 700 reviews and a 5 stars rating, the reputation of BKIND shampoo bar is more than positive! True to its habits, BKIND offers a solid shampoo that is efficient, pleasant and respects your scalp and hair, animals, the environment and your wallet!

 "I love it! I've tried several and this is by far the best! No negative points! The smell, the lathering effect, it makes the hair so soft, silky, shiny and fluffy! [...] I can even space out my washes. It's magic", Florence G 

Shampoing en barre naturel BKIND Québec

Made in Quebec and entirely vegan, BKIND shampoo bar offers a formula that respects the scalp. The scalp is soothed and the hair is nourished, strengthened and hydrated.

BKIND shampoo is made of only natural products. Several oils and fruit butters can be found in it, because of their moisturizing and nourishing action. Combined with cocoa butter, chia, oatmeal and panthenol, the bar provides hair with optimal hydration and exceptional volume without weighing it down! In addition, our shampoo bar lasts up to 40 washes. Thanks to its effectiveness, it will allow you to space out your shampoos. We love that!


A BKIND shampoo for every hair type

Each hair type has its own specific needs. The shampoo bar - normal to oily hair has a delicious scent of grapefruit and eucalyptus and will regulate excess sebum. The shampoo bar - colored or white hair, is the ally of your colorings, since it is composed of pomegranate extracts with photoprotective properties that prevent hair yellowing. If you need a little volume and a moisture boost, the shampoo bar - dry or thin hair is the one for you. Don't worry, our line also includes a shampoo bar - coily and curly hair, for that extra moisture.

Want even more silkiness? BKIND Conditioner Bar is a must-have! In fact, every shampoo can be paired with a conditioner bar that is equally suited to the needs of the hair type it was created for. A way to be kind, one shampoo at a time.

"I purchased the duo almost 2 weeks ago...and after the first use, I was surprised of how soft my hair felt, but it looked so healthy too. I also feel like I have to wash my hair less often. That it stays clean longer. I love it!", Marie-Josée R

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